Being pregnant with triplets….

Once the initial shock wore off I honestly felt blessed (LOL) I thought- wow! One minute I didn’t know if I would EVER have children the next moment I suddenly had three!! I’m not religious – but I thought this is my destiny! The universe or whatever is saying Lucy you are meant to be a mother to three little ones! I know it sounds cheesy but falling pregnant with triplets is some sort of miracle-right?


I had a dentist appointment right after I found out and the dentist warned me to TRY and take care of my teeth. I innocently asked why? Does pregnancy ruin your teeth? And he commented how his wife could only eat lollies her entire pregnancy. I turned my nose up and told him how ridiculously healthy I was and if anything I would be HEALTHIER this pregnancy. I look back and laugh at my smugness during this interaction and my whole ‘my body is a temple, I’m a primal barefoot hippie at one with nature due to carrying three miracle babies’ attitude. Who the hell did I think I was? Well life kindly let me know with one big walloping SLAP.


Mmmmmmm how did I spend majority of pregnancy? I spent it in bed with my head over the side in a spew bucket. Are we talking weeks? Nope. We are talking months. On the odd occasion I did feel well enough to venture out I usually caught a cold that turned into a sinus infection that turned into a chest infection or some sort of other infection-I literally had no immune system. I remember during one long stint where apart from doctor’s appointments I realised I had spent two months in bed. Blah! Was it depressing? Sure! But with each hurl into the bucket I quietly reminded myself that me being so sick meant my babies were well and kicking! That usually perked me up. And I hoped it would ease up at the three month mark like so many women said it would. It didn’t.


So with all this throwing up came some pretty strong reactions to food. My so-called HEALTHIER life style went right out the window and instead it was a SURVIVAL attitude with food. It meant that if potatoes were all I could even think about potatoes were all I ate for months on end. Sure I tried to have them the healthiest way possible. But I very quickly had to adopt a AT LEAST I’M EATING attitude, as truth be told I really didn’t want to eat there was no room in my belly after the three x babies, three x placentas, three x sacks etc. And I just felt so bloody sick the entire time. So it was a force-fed routine and if I had a sudden craving for something I went nuts because yah! I finally wanted to eat! I had a wonderful Obstetrician who had also experienced morning (all day) sickness during a pregnancy and she told me she really didn’t care what I ate as long as I ate- but to try to not have to much sugar so I didn’t end up with gestational diabetes.


With carrying three bubbas and growing at such a rapid rate I experienced all sorts of normal pregnancy symptoms a hell of a lot earlier. From five weeks I had the most hideous charley horse (cramps in the calf muscles due to carrying all the extra weight) At about six weeks I had to buy a pregnancy pillow to ease the pain off my hips and my poor lower back while lying down and it was getting harder and harder to turn over at night. We were already looking into buying a reclining chair for my third trimester as there was no way I would have been able to sleep in a bed! At fifteen weeks I had ligament pain in my lower belly this is from the ligaments stretching  with my growing uterus. We ended up in hospital several times with all these issues terrified of the outcome and after being swiftly seen to, were always relived of the simplicity of these normal pregnancy problems.


Then of course come alllllll those helpful pieces of advice but mainly–

Try Ginger for your morning sickness.

Tried ginger in as many forms as possible did nothing except make my spew taste weird.

Try Ginger.

Thank you tried it.

Try Ginger.

Try ginger.




Shut up.

Of course I had thoroughly researched and tried every natural method to womankind and tried EVERY SINGLE option with my obstetrician. But for some pregnancies NOTHING works, but its ok like I said my babies were HEALTHY. There were no complications there, in fact my bubs were so healthy we probably would not be in the position we are today if otherwise.

Every scan was terrifying. We were terrified that there would be something wrong. That they would suddenly turn to you with those downcast eyes. “I’m so sorry….” I was always terrified they would tell me my cervix was incompetent due to the surgery. Each scan took HOURS. My twelve-week scan took 3.5 hours. The women were so excited over the triplets by the end of it they asked if I would mind if they had a play. Normally I would politely reply sure. But this time I said NO THANKS. I mean come on ladies I had been lying there for 3.5 hours about to spew in your fucking face while you poked and prodded me- HARD. My twenty-week scan took a WHOLE day. In fact they could not get triplet A in the right position and it was now past lunchtime, so they told me to go for a jump along the hallway.(I cringe at this looking back) Still not in the right position. Go have something sugary to eat. Turn this way that way. We will position you upside down. By 4pm they informed me I would need to come back on Monday to finish the scan, as they just could not get the right measurements. We had been there since 8am.  But I was on a total high as the one thing they could confirm was Triplet A was a GIRL!! Triplet B was a BOY! Triplet C was a BOY!! I did not mind what sex the babies were, but all weekend I thought about how I was having a little girl. I fantasised about her inheriting my beautiful designer clothes, my jewellery, about her one day getting married. The next day I had already bought the sweetest little dresses for her. Yeah I was excited, two boys and a girl! How lucky was I!!


On the Monday we could finally get triplet A’s correct measurements and I thought great now its home time and back to bed! I was particularly heavy, sore and sick this day. But first they had to check my cervical length. They called a doctor in, they called a specialist in and then they called my obstetrician in. I knew something was up. My heart was leaping out of my chest and I could only muster up the strength to ask in a tiny voice if my babies were ok. They were. But my obstetrician had to have a chat with me.

I had only just turned twenty-one weeks. My cervix was shortened, which made them nervous that I would go into labour prematurely. I was admitted into hospital, long term on bed rest with toilet privileges. I had a couple of hours to go home and pack a bag. I must not exert myself.  The plan was to get me to thirty-six weeks. That’s thirteen weeks in hospital. Three months. The complication was not my babies, it was not the pregnancy, it was me, my body. Ultimately we ended up in the position we did because my body failed me. It is something I feel enormous guilt over. I know thats not rational. But try seeing your babies battle for months and months for their lives knowing it was just your little cervix that started it all….

Sixteen week bump.


Eighteen week bump.







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