The six day labour of triplet C.

For six days, I was in labour with triplet C. After Olive’s passing the labour really started to get serious. I kept getting sicker and sicker. I would get tiny catnaps of five minutes, but apart from that I could barely sleep because of the contractions. I was hooked up to IV penicillin, magnesium sulphate, hydration, and pain relief. It felt like every 15 minutes I was taking huge antibiotics. Upside down. At one point, they had me on a birthing bed upside down for 24 hours. Hooked up to magnesium sulphate for 17 hours. Magnesium sulphate is important for preemie baby’s neurological development so if they can get it in before a premature delivery then they certainly try, but my god the stuff is horrible! It gives you hideous hot flashes and seriously makes you feel like you’re going to do one big poo right there in front of everyone while your arse is on fire.


About day four I turned to Daniel and said I think that a sadistic puppet master was playing with me- that’s how out of this world it felt. Poor Daniel he just didn’t know what to do, he paced around while I moaned and groaned. He kept checking my catheter bag and making sure I wasn’t dehydrated. At one stage, he went to go get something from the vending machine and came back white as a ghost. He had walked past this little glass room full of doctors with my name written in big letters across the top of a whiteboard. With nothing written underneath. They were standing there very sombre, scratching their heads.


The contractions were getting worse and worse and little triplet c had moved into Olive’s spot. They decided the time had come to give birth to him and to try and leave triplet B behind. The neonatal team were called back in.  We tried and tried and tried. I kept telling them he doesn’t want to come.  He doesn’t want to come. This time it’s different. But still we tried and tried and tried. But I was right little C-man did not want to come into this world yet. He got breech. They could feel his little shoulder it was not going to happen. So, they decided to give me a break. Hoping that he would move back up into a better position. The obstetrician told me- I’m going home now to sleep, but I’m not abandoning you, I’ve given strict instructions to staff to call me as soon as something happens.


I kept getting sicker and sicker. I was totally out of it. I started throwing up green. There was green discharge. I felt like any second green was just going to spurt out of every orifice in my body. My infection markers were checked and that poor obstetrician was called back.

She came in, took one look at me and said we need to get to theatre NOW.  I now had no control over the pregnancy. I couldn’t keep my babies in any longer. I knew my body actually couldn’t take much more- it had been pushed to its furthest capabilities. Daniel was thrown a set of scrubs which he immediately started posing for photos in LOL. Within ten minutes I was being rushed down into theatre. The obstetrician turned to Daniel and gave him the stark reality – You might be the only one to come out of this alive.

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