The voice

Please don’t take my politeness as I’m easy to push over.

Please don’t take my kindness for stupidity.

For I am the voice the only voice for my tiny child you see?

I will be courteous I will have pleasantries

but I need you to stop, listen and take me seriously.

I’m not a fool, I’m more clued up than you realise

It’s better that we work together so you don’t get a rude surprise.

I know you have worked and studied hard to get where you are.

My study has been my tiny babies, I too have worked hard to get them this far.

I am tired, so very tired of this continuous banging my head at your door

there’s still some fight left in me, can you hear me roar?

My child needs support desperately, I’m willing to do whatever it takes

I’ll pay any fee.

All I need is for you to stop. Listen. And take me seriously!!

My children are my world. They deserve the best.

But this system is only designed to test

My patience it’s wearing thin

I can come out fire a-blazing until you’re forced to listen??

For I am the voice, the only voice for my small child with high medical needs.

-Lucy Sutherland 25/06/18

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